Hello / Bonjour / Hola !!

I’m Megan, I’m 20 years old and this is my blog. I used to write “proper” articles about lifestyle, music, and travel. For now I’m just writing about what feels right.

I am a third year Modern Languages student at St Cuthbert’s Society, Durham University, which means currently I’m on a year abroad. I study French and Spanish, so right now I’m living in Paris until the end of the year then I’ll move to Spain. Here in Paris I’m doing an internship in PR and marketing, flipping between living the dream and living the YA reality of feeling constantly skint and exhausted. I started writing again because I want to show what it’s actually like to do a year abroad, because it’s not all sunshine and smiles.

Outside of my year abroad I absolutely love living in Durham. It’s a beautiful city with even more beautiful surroundings, even if the student culture is at times extremely toxic. I was LGBT+ Officer of the Labour Club in my second year, and student politics has become basically my entire life since then. It also meant I got to see way more of County Durham through the #LabourDoorstep, and made great friends as a result. I also volunteered in my college library, did parkrun when I could be bothered to get out of bed, did various LGBT+ things and drank a lot of pints. I miss Durham and the people contained within it more than anything.

Activism is a huge part of my life. I joined the Labour Party in September 2018, which was long overdue and mostly delayed due to a lack of any real Labour presence back home and my poor mental health. Since then I’ve learned the joys of talking to people on the doorstep (mostly in those freezing County Durham winters), the chaos of local elections (driving around CD like a maniac when I should’ve been doing summatives), and of course socialist twitter. I also joined GMB Union on New Year’s Day 2019, and learned that unions are far from a thing of the past. Finally I try my best to do whatever I can when it comes to LGBT+ rights activism, even if that is just yelling a lot about the hets.

Beyond the important stuff I do I enjoy running, books, being over-caffeinated and going on long journeys. I’m horrifically sarcastic and find myself hilarious, even if nobody else does. I like to travel, but only in the most chaotic ways possible just to save a couple of quid, so I’m known to sleep on the floors of airports or sit on coaches for hours on end. I’m originally from Cumbria so you can also catch me talking in the most horrific Northern accent and complaining about growing up in the countryside.

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