I’m Megan, otherwise known as Pixieskies. Welcome to my blog! Here I write about student lifestyle, alternative music and travel. Before you take a look at some of my posts, here’s a little introduction to me.

I am a second year languages student at St Cuthbert’s Society, Durham University. I speak French and Spanish as a result, and absolutely love studying everything from the languages themselves to film, politics and history. When I’m not studying however I can usually be found either in the pub or doing something linked to student politics and activism. Sometimes (most of the time) these things also happen in the pub. Here’s the long list; I’m LGBT+ officer of my Labour Club, campaign for the national Labour party, a member of Cuth’s Fem Soc & Durham Intersectional Feminism Society, I’m involved in Durham Women in Politics, as well as doing various LGBT+ things in college and at uni. Oh I like going to the gym stupidly early in the morning too. On top of all that I’m a volunteer in my college library. Do I sleep? Not often.

When I’m not doing uni things I enjoy reading, going to gigs, writing, fitness, and of course travelling. It all definitely still counts, even if often I only read a book a term and travel a couple times a year!

I’m originally from Cumbria, a county right up in the North West of England. The main thing we’ve got going for ourselves is the Lake District, and I live right on the edge of that. When I’m back there I mostly work full-time and go to the pub (I’m beginning to sense a theme…).

This blog is a (slightly messy) combination of everything I’ve just talked about. I’m far too indecisive and passionate about too many things to even attempt to find a niche, so if you like chaos this is the blog for you.

If you want to check me out on any other social media here are my links:
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Thanks for stopping by!