Meet the Blogger!

Hello lovely people!

Welcome to my (albeit not first) attempt at blogging! As someone who has written the description of the president of Durham University Orchestral Society on their website (thanks Laura), knows a bit too much about music and is so left-wing it hurts, I’ve decided to create a space for my musings on everything from music to politics.

So in the unlikely event that someone who doesn’t know me in real life is reading these (hi people from school I haven’t seen in years), here’s a little introduction to myself.

I’m Megan, I’m 19 and I’m just a paper boy from the North West (Courteeners anyone? No, just me…). I spend half of the year driving an 11-year-old Citroen to work and back in the Lake District, and the other half doing much more exciting things at Durham University. I study French & Spanish at St Cuthbert’s Society (possibly the best college in the world), meaning that essentially, I listen to Despacito on loop and drink too much wine (#culture?). When I’m not crying over the impossibilities of Medieval French I go to cool FemSoc things, try to get involved in my Labour Club, go to too many gigs and have a terrible habit of booking travels that I can’t afford.

I ALSO FUCKING LOVE MUSICALS. Just needed to shoehorn that in somehow.

I’m quite impressively awful at small talk and introductions so I think it’s about time to end this part here. Here’s to hoping this isn’t just a phase and I keep writing as the weeks go on.


-Megan, currently listening to Childish Gambino and complaining about how hot it is in the UK




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