Chez Moi; The September Edit

Hello lovely people!

September has been a strange month, and being honest I’m quite glad that it’s over now. October will be filled with the challenge of starting my second year at university, and I cannot wait to get fully involved with everything Durham has to offer. But until then I want to reflect on my start to autumn.


The month started with some pretty intense personal stuff that had a hugely negative impact on my mental health. As a result I ended up moving to Durham quite early, meaning I’ve spent most of the month living alone with no friends in the city. It has been simultaneously amazing to have that level of independence and time to care for myself, and deeply lonely. I’m very much looking forward to having my friends back.

I also visited my best friend at uni up in Edinburgh this month for his freshers week. I had a great time exploring the city and meeting a bunch of new people, but my main highlight was ending up in a gay club with the LGBT society. There’s something special about dancing around like an idiot in a place where you really shouldn’t belong, but ultimately feel like you do.

When I got back to Durham I mostly spent my time decorating my student house, binge-watching Netflix and going to the gym. I dedicated time to self-care and self-improvement, and it really did me some good. It wasn’t too long however before I jetted off to Milano (GUYS I WENT TO ITALY DID I TALK ABOUT IT ENOUGH??), and had the most amazing few days to round off my summer.



I definitely set my goals too high this month, considering I was taking a week off for my trip. I was quite surprised how long it took to build my views and interactions back up when I got home, but numbers aren’t everything obviously. My final stats are 146 WP followers (so close to that 150 goal), 1,816 views (lol 2,000 was a bit excessive), 765 visitors (not far off 800) and 397 Twitter followers (again, so close to the 400 goal). Here’s to making more realistic goals next month.

My most popular post this month was A Day in York, England, and I’m so glad to see that! It’s such an amazing city and I loved sharing my day with everyone. I also really enjoyed finishing off my University 101 series, and writing about my Music Taste. Music is something I really want to focus on more in the coming months, as I really enjoy writing about it.


It’s been a fantastic month for new releases, and my list definitely reflects that.

Mantra – Bring Me The Horizon; I love the lyrics of this new song and it makes me so intrigued as to what the band are going to do next.
Villains – Emma Blackery; After absolutely loving seeing Emma document the production process on her new album it’s really great to hear the final product. A sassy, energetic, damn good pop record.
Proper Dose – The Story So Far; This album may be a bit less heavy than their old stuff, but this was the soundtrack to my Italy trip and it’s lovely.
Sincerity is Scary – The 1975; My favourite tracks by The 1975 are the stripped back jazzy ones, and this is exactly that.

I also saw Halestorm play live at the Manchester Apollo this month, and they were insanely good. Lzzy’s voice is not done justice on any of their records, which when coupled with some awesome solos made for a great show. I might do a gig review of this in the coming weeks.



So this month I finally caught onto the Brooklyn 99 hype and I’m completely obsessed. It’s probably the most diverse comedy on TV, but in a somewhat quiet way, as it doesn’t try to force stereotypes or shoehorn in characters for the sake of representation. It’s also absolutely hilarious and one of those comedies that starts off lighthearted and then suddenly gets very wholesome, which I always love. I marathoned half of season 5 yesterday with a friend and I’m hooked on what happens next, can’t wait to see it.

I’m in the process of watching season 6 of Homeland too. I loved the show when I started it, because it does a great job of being a really gripping political drama without going too far into the realm of ridiculousness. However, my gripe with it now is that it’s just gotten so complicated that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. I’m far too intrigued to give up now though.


I finished 3 books this month, because towards the end I’ve taken on some pretty hefty reads that will take me a while to get through.

I received Coraline by Neil Gaiman as part of an Instagram bookshare, and was surprised about how much I enjoyed it. It’s a children’s novel about a girl who finds another world through a cupboard in her house, becoming quite dark at times. It was a good quick read and very well-written, with a great fantastical element. Then I picked up Regarde Les Lumières Mon Amour by Annie Ernaux, as I’d read La Place for my course last year and wanted to read more of her work. The book is a social commentary that all takes place within supermarkets, looking at people’s buying habits and work lives. Sounds very boring, but it’s honestly so good! She has a great social lens as an author and I loved how diverse the people she commented upon were. Finally I read Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire for my course this year.


And that’s the end to September! I’ve left the month feeling very motivated to start university in October, and had some great experiences along the way too. What did you get up to in September? What should I marathon to fill the Brooklyn 99 hole in my life?

-Megan, listening to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly album (one of my faves)


14 thoughts on “Chez Moi; The September Edit

  1. ChatterboxChloe says:

    This was an absolutely lovely post to read! I really like your style. I hope you’re feeling better now you’ve had some you-time. Those pictures from Milan made me want to plan my next holiday straight away! Great post 🙂


  2. Komal says:

    Why was September bad for everyone blog wise? I was nowhere near my goals 😐 Love that you took time out for yourself 💕 I’m curently in self care mode also. Being from Pakistan I find Homeland quite ridiculous though 😂 It looks nothing like they have portrayed it 😛 Wishing you a happy and productive October 🍁


  3. Beka says:

    You were so close to your goals last month, well done! 🎉 I love B99 so much, I’m a little behind though so I gotta catch up! It’s such an amazing show. If you’re looking for something else to binge and have Netflix, I’d recommend Final Space. It’s animated but it’s great – it starts off funny and then suddenly you realise it has completely wormed its way into your heart, and gets quite emotional!

    Beka |


  4. Bexa says:

    This is such a lovely update Megan. I love that you focused on self-care and self-improvement when you got back to Durham, and I’m pleased you felt better for it. I really enjoyed your Milan post and will have to check out some of those bands you recommended too. Well done, your stats look fab! All the best for uni and I hope this term is going well so far ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  5. nataliehelenablogs says:

    Awesome post and well done on your stats – they might not have been the goal, but they’re still ridiculously great! I read Coraline when I was younger and it freaked me out – the film is super creepy too.



  6. Kim says:

    That pizza looks amazing! Italy is one place I’d love to visit one day. I managed to meet one of my blogging goals last month, congratulations on what you did manage to achieve. I think it’s great you focused on and self care and had some you time. It’s so very important. I hope you have a good October!


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