2019 Goals

I wish I could say I hated clichés, but the reality just isn’t true. Surely if millions of people do something they can’t be wrong, right? (I mean, thousands of people elected a Tory government and they certainly weren’t right, but the idea fits the narrative of this post so forget the actual logic here)

Today’s cliché is making goals for 2019. I’m writing these out on the 2nd of January, as for New Year’s Eve I ended up choosing to go to a party with Alex at the last minute. It was a fantastic night and I had a great time, but unsurprisingly had a little bit of a bad head yesterday and had to wait until today to start on my goals. I feel like that’s not just me though, New Year’s Day definitely doesn’t count.

1. Complete dry January
One of my friends from back home has done this before and is choosing to do so again, and this year I’ve decided to join him. As a university student drinking culture is literally everywhere, meaning I usually waste a lot of time and money on being drunk or hungover, and I’m getting a bit bored of it. There are certain situations I enjoy more with a drink sure (clubbing Meg, you mean clubbing, because you’re far too anxious to do it sober), but most times I don’t really need to be drinking. I also have a lot of uni work due in at the end of this month (which I definitely haven’t started oops), so I don’t have time to be spending days hungover at the moment.

2. Run 10k
I’ve been into fitness for quite a while, but over the winter period I abandoned running completely. Back in the summer I was capable of running around 7km and was really building up to getting to my longtime goal of a 10k race. However, now I’m struggling to even do a basic 5k, because I’ve been neglecting cardio and opting for weights and toning work. I loved running when I was into it though, so I’m going to get myself signed up for a 10k race and start training.

3. Read 40 books
This is a very silly goal. In 2018 I read 29 books, the most in a lot of years. So obviously the most natural thing is to decide to read way more than I’ve read in a year since I was probably about 14. Amazing job Megan.

4. Stop buying from Amazon
Amazon are an absolutely terrible company. Their record on workers’ rights is nothing short of shocking, and since I finally got around to joining a union on New Year’s Day (really it was about all I achieved that day) I’d feel like a huge hypocrite if I kept supporting such a parasitic company. They’re also horrifically bad for the environment. I’m going to finish reading what books I’ve already bought on the Kindle app then hopefully find a new option for ereading, if anyone has any ideas let me know!

5. Take a photo everyday
This time last year I decided to post everyday on Instagram. It lasted a few months, but I soon learned that my life really isn’t exciting enough to make it Insta-worthy every single day. As a result I just stopped taking pictures, which is quite frankly a bit dumb for someone like me who spends half of their life looking back at old pictures because they can’t remember what happened yesterday, let alone years ago. So I thought fuck it, I’m taking photos for me now, the sillier the better.

6. Become a better activist by learning from others & campaigning more
I’m a bit of a lefty guys, it’s no secret if you follow my Twitter. At the end of last year I started campaigning for the Labour Party and I absolutely love doing it. It’s fantastic to get out on the doorstep and talk to people about why I believe what I do, and with the likelihood of a General Election this year it’s going to be more important than ever if we want to elect a Labour government. I’d also like to keep being involved in student politics before I head out on my year abroad, and hopefully get involved in the trade union I just joined. I just want people to have better lives, it’s really quite simple.

7. Practice my languages more
For someone who’s probably moving to South America at the end of the year, my Spanish really isn’t all that great. Or rather, I have zero confidence in speaking it whatsoever. I need to read and watch more in my non-native languages, as well as try and seek out more opportunities for speaking practice (I’m looking at you Amy, we need to reinstate cuppa & French/Spanish chats). I wish learning a fourth language was on this list, because after Milan and Berlin I’m absolutely dying to learn Italian or German, but I need to be patient and get good at the three I already speak.


I think that’s all. It sounds ridiculous to say this at such an early point in the year, but I have a good feeling about 2019. I’m in a very good place, and have so many exciting travels planned, which is all I could ever ask for really. What are your main goals this year?

-Megan, listening to a playlist entitled “Alternative Love Songs” (no, I’m not sure why either)

16 thoughts on “2019 Goals

  1. Wow, some incredible goals here! Good luck with them all, especially your 10K! I can’t even run 1K, let alone 10! 🌟 As for the books, I used to use the Kindle app, but now I just buy paperbacks, or go to the library! You can find paperbacks pretty cheap in Supermarkets ☺️

    Love, Lucy x |


    1. The 10k might be the most ridiculous of the lot since I’m way behind in my training, but oh well. Yeah, I think I might try and start using the library more again. I always think it’s such a shame that more people don’t, they’re such a great service. Thanks for reading ! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy new year Megan! These sound like great goals, I hope you achieve everything you want to! I’m also staying sober at the moment, I drank too much over Christmas so think I need a long detox. I also want to read more books this year, it’s such a relaxing thing to do. I love the idea of taking a photo everyday, that is such a cool way to document the year. Wishing you all the best for 2019, hope it is an awesome year! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  3. Im so happy to hear u want to boycott amazon!!
    Its crazy to still see people using their affiliation network and buying from.them, only making bezos or whatever his name richer. Ive boycotted them earlier thia year. I just couldnt have ties with a company that treats humans like slaves.

    Hopefully it will get better 😊 have a great 2019!

    Kiki |


    1. I honestly don’t understand how people can still support them, let alone take affiliate links from them! Their business practices are honestly disgusting, it’s just basic human decency to leave them behind in 2018. I hope more people do the same. Thanks for reading! x

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  4. All the best of luck with the 10k! That’s so incredible. And 40 books is still a lot for me so that’s just amazing to aim for. Wish you all the luck with these!


  5. I’m doing dry January as well. Have you looked at the Couch to 5k podcast app? It was released by the NHS to help people get in to running in a sustainable way. I followed it a few years ago and it led to me doing my first half marathon (a shock to anyone who knew how much I hate running as a kid.) x


    1. It feels like a good idea after the usual indulgence of the Christmas period. I used that a couple of years ago when I first got into running, I might use it again though to be fair as I’m very untrained at the moment. It’s such a great thing the NHS did! Thanks for reading :)x


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