The BEST Student Homeware Finds for 2018

Hello lovely people!

I want to dedicate this post to my lovely friend Alex. It may seem weird dedicating a simple haul to someone, but as a fellow homeware lover she was as excited as I was when I was decorating my new second year house. She also keeps me sane, and is constantly supportive in everything I do, including this blog. Love you man.

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As I said, I’ve recently moved back over to Durham and into my house. I’m in the process of making it feel more homely, or as homely as it can be without my six other housemates. This has meant I’ve spent far too much money on random pretty stuff, and in the interests of self-justification I thought I’d write this post.


My bedroom is mostly decorated with photos and old tickets, but there’s always room for some extras. If anyone wants a room tour, let me know!


Duvet Cover – Primark – £11
Now, I can’t stress enough how much I didn’t need this. I have two perfectly good duvet covers, and obviously I can only have one on my bed at any one time. But I’m an absolute sucker for mustard, and at £11, you really can’t go wrong. It adds a different pop of colour to my room, so I’ve decided it was a worthwhile purchase.



img_20180914_142421007.jpgBasket – ASDA – £2
I was looking for a way to store my toiletries, as having them loose on my shelves was resulting in them regularly getting a bit haphazard. Enter ASDA, which as an aside, is full of amazing homeware bits that are super cheap (£5 for a kitchen bin? I’m still excited). I love this basket, as it’s a bit more sturdy than a wicker approach. I chose white to match my walls and desk, in some vague attempt at creating a theme.


Frames – Primark – £1.50 & £2
Feminist quotes at a cheap price in beautiful white frames? Did you mean; MY DREAM?! I absolutely love the pastel colours of these prints, and the typography is equally as stunning. I have these set up in the corner of my desk as a constant reminder of how badass women are as I work throughout the day.



img_20180914_142533047.jpgPlants – IKEA – £0.95 & £3
Now, I had a cactus last year named Dave. Sadly, Dave is no longer with us, so in the interests of not causing any more plant deaths I decided it was time to downscale nature’s influence in my room. The smaller of the two is actually artificial, so I only have one plant to mother for the year. They’re a really cute addition to any room though, again adding to my white theme.



Makeup Bag – Primark – £4
Now, this technically isn’t homeware, but I still think it’s adorable! My makeup bag broke, and I thought it was about time I downsized anyway to save space when I’m travelling. Grumpy cat is my absolute spirit animal, and I love cacti too, so it’s the perfect combination.


I was self-catered in first year so didn’t need to add much to my kitchen ensemble, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t down for some cute extras.

img_20180914_142714140.jpgMason Jar – Home Bargains – £1
I’ve been looking for somewhere to store my ground coffee for a while, as because I’m a bit of a coffee snob I’m very aware of the importance of keeping your coffee in a sealed container. At just £1 this mason jar was the perfect solution, and looks a little classier than a basic glass jar or plastic box. Now I just need to work on not smashing it…


img_20180914_142646607.jpgBottle Opener Plaque – The Range – £2.99
I love a good multipurpose item, and this plaque is definitely that. I already know it’s going to be a great addition to house parties, because I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to hunt for a bottle opener. Well, that won’t be a problem for us anymore. I also love the motto that comes along with it, as I’m a firm craft beer lover (there’s a free little-known fact for you!).


I’ve only got one item here, as my bathroom is pretty small and I’m yet to think of more creative ways to decorate it. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

img_20180914_142810260.jpgToothbrush Holder – ASDA – £3
I spent ages convincing myself that I didn’t need a toothbrush holder, but I’m sure when my housemates get back this will be a great way to avoid sink clutter. I chose a bright and multicoloured design to give a little pop to an otherwise pretty drab room.




I feel like I’m a real lifestyle blogger now I’ve done a homeware haul. I’m sure there will be more to come, as for some reason I have no restraint when it comes to cute little trinkets (am I 40? apparently). What essentials do you reccomend for a first time liver-out?


-Megan, writing in my new favourite Durham coffee shop (it’s full of vegan goodies and I am EXCITED)